Tuition fees for Nursing?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Re: "I can't find the information on their website, which is the tuition fees for either the semester or yearly."

COMMENT: Yes, it's frustrating! but I'm sponsoring a nursing student at another institution, and one of my complaints is that nobody can give me a certified list of fees. So, from one semester to the next, I have no idea what to expect in tuition, fees, and the plethora of other "miscellaneous" fees that I must pay.

Example: One student, in her second year, has hospital duty four days a week, and lecture three days a week. Hence, using Western logic, you'd think that her tuition and fees for the classroom would be less, since she's only in class three days a week. Not so! In fact, her tuition is much greater this semester since the students must PAY to be on duty at the hospital (yes....I know what you're thinking.... ..the hospital is getting free student labor, yet the tuition is higher!).

So, the transparency we expect in the USA and other countries does not apply in RP. I'm certain some RP educational institutions have fees for somebody to inspect, but not the institution I'm very familiar with.

I wish you luck in finding the information you need! from a blogger online
Another comment: I think you are going to find that obtaining such information from websites will be a futile exercise. Tuitions constantly change from semester to semester. The only way you are going to find out is when your student registers. You may find a general rate from another student, but don't expect them to appear on a website. Whether or not a dean will entertain your phone call would depend upon the dean. Much more relevant information can be sought in person.

Have the student visit the school and inquire. They will be much more responsive when a live body is before them. Good luck!
Another comment: A friend went to nursing school one term. I believe the starting tuition is around 20,000 pesos for a semester [half year], Then they keep coming up with additional fees, may of which we predictable at the start of the semester and should have been included in the tuition.

This is typical here. The tuition is only the starting point for how much school costs.


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