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Sunday, November 22, 2009

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The first year is two semesters that cost around P50,000 each. Throw in another P3,000 each semester for books. Throw in another P5,000 for uniforms. The second year and on become more costly since they have actual hospital duty. Also they go year around with two semesters and a summer semester, That cost will jump up to around P68,000 for each semester and P30,000 for the summer semester. Throw in again around P3,200 for each semester.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

With so many nursing schools proliferating, the choice becomes very difficult for most parents. Nowadays, taking up nursing can be very costly.

Whats the best Nursing school in the Philippines? Learn about Philippine Diploma Mills, Do you really want your child to be a nurse?

Over 400,000 nursing students will not find work abroad as they can not can not get a local job for 1-3 years necessary work experience. Are the universities concerned? How will it help its students compete? How do parents select the best university for their students and use their hard earned money?

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xfactorgirl Apr 26, 2009
hmmm... if you want quality nursing educatons.. actually there are lots of schools there offering quality education... of course you have to consider your location in choosing your school... im a graduate of de la salle-health sciences institute. my tuition fee when i was in 4th year college was 75 thousand but it already has increased. i think it's 80 thousand already but all the books, 1 pair of lecture and duty uniforms are inclusive plus if your duty is outside de la salle university medical center, you have no problem going there because there are school services.. when it comes to quality education thing, i can assure you that it can satisfy you. last June 2009 Board exam, we ranked 3rd on the Top Performing Nurisng schools in the Philippines. you can google it. other schools' tuition are like 50 thousand, but you still have to buy your books and other stuffs.. not so convinient.. well, i hope my suggestion helped you somehow.. you can still look at other schools..

BSN about P30,000 per semester $652 per semester for local students

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a sem is about 30,000 pesos and you have 8 sem plus 1 summer class, thats 240,000 pesos plus summer class..i would say prepare like 300,000 pesos or 6,000 dollars just for tuition fee only....thats a bsn program....

Dollar cost about $652 per USA dollar semester for local students at 46 exchange rate

From the allexperts.com blog comments : tuition range for local Filipina nursing students as we have two personal friends and a relative who are paying for nursing school; from P27000 to P45,000 / semester for tuiton alone meaning with books and transportation and lunch from P80,000 to P150,000 ( U$1800 to U$3500 )/ year and for foreign students about double that for tuition alone meaning P100,000 to P200,000 / year tuition or about U$3000 to U$5000 / year + housing etc about P4000 to P8000 ( U$90 to U$180 )/ month. The price ranges vary from provincial universities with good reputations to metropolitan universities with great reputations. There are 10,000 Korean foreign students in Metro-Manila alone and many middle east and African foreign students as well.

Tuition, fees, and books are only a part of the expense.

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donald c Oct 17th, 2009
Assuming you know Tagalog and have relatives near a school that you might attend. Remember the exchange rate is in free fall and a dollar will only buy about 46 pesos these days.

Tuition, fees, and books are only a part of the expense. There are uniforms, school T shirts, etc. And you cannot get away with not buying the T shirts–peer pressure.

Without lunches you are looking at $1,000 US and up–a lot cheaper than schools here. That is PER SEMESTER!! So you could say $8,000 total at the current exchange rate.

Manila Well known nursing school estimate around P490,000

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rusher Oct 17th, 2009
as someone living in the Philippines a rough estimate would be around Php 490,000 for a well-known nursing school around the metro manila area that includes book fees.

all that would be subjective depending on the exclusivity of the school in more exclusive schools consider adding a 30% increase in the price tag and a 40% decrease to those schools which are not that famous in the nursing field.

although there are different professional regulatory exams for nurses abroad esp. in America there are now many review centers which offer courses of American based nursing licensure exams. also, these exams can be taken here in the Philippines via the web